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How to Get the Best Search Results:

  • Distinctive Element - Search unique distinctive elements first. This element to your name is what will make your name unique from every other name already registered. Search this by itself only if it is very unique.
    Example of a very unique name: 'Kodak', is very unique because it is a fictitious word and can be searched alone. 'Dynamite', on the other hand, is not as unique because it is a common word that can be found in the dictionary. Initials are not a good distinctive element because JHS Construction is the same as HJS Construction, SHJ Construction, JSH Construction, etc. in corporate registrations. Therefore, initials will NOT make your proposed name distinctive.

  • Descriptive Element - Include your business description.  Your name will be much stronger if you do have a business description with your distinctive element, especially when your distinctive element is a common word likely found in the dictionary. 
    Example: Dynamite Explosives Suppliers should be searched instead of 'Dynamite' alone.

  • Initials - Place spaces between the initials. We do not suggest using initials in your corporate name because of what is described in the Distinctive Element section above, however, if you are planning on using initials as your Distinctive Element to your name please place spaces between the initials for search purposes. Example: J H S Computer consultants.

  • Phonetic Similarities - Search it the way you normally spell it. In corporate registrations there is no difference between "Dynamite" and "Dienamyte". Phonetic similarities are direct conflicts when registering corporate names.

  • Keep it Simple - Only search what you need. You can eliminate all non-essential words from this pre-screen search. Example: Inc, Ltd, Corp, The, and, &, and all punctuations.

  • Domains - when searching for possible domain conflicts, search only the domain name.
    Example: Search "arvic" for 

  • 50 or more results are returned? - Try narrowing your search by adding a descriptive element or consider a new proposed name.

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