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Arvic's Corporate Resume

Arvic is proud to be the trusted and professional business supplier for lawyers, accountants, large corporations and small businesspeople in Alberta and throughout Canada.
•Lawyers feel confident in using Arvic to file their client's Name Changes, Extra-Provincial registrations, Mergers and Amalgamations, Continuances and the other high-level corporate filings throughout Canada their clients will need.
• Accountants use Arvic for Article Amendments, to register Professional Corporations, to recreate Minute Books, and to set up subsidiary holding companies for their clients.
• And Small businesses use Arvic to complete their NUANS report or name reservation, to Incorporate, or to register as a Sole Proprietor.

Arvic Search Services Inc. Company History:

1982 Corporate Registry deregulation In Alberta - Arvic's President was instrumental in the deregulation of the Alberta Corporate Registry system in 1982.

Because of that Arvic Search Services Inc. was one of the first search houses in Alberta in 1983 when the deregulation was finalized.

A year later, in 1984 Arvic added Trademark searches and registrations to our client offerings so that we could ensure our client's names were protected Provincially, Federally and Nationally.

In 1984 Arvic opened an office in Calgary and then in 1992 we moved our Head Office from Edmonton down to Calgary.

In 1995 we launched our website and in 1996 we added online forms for the public to order NUANS reports, Trade Names, Incorporations, and File Annual Returns.

The year 2000 was a big year for Arvic because we created our own E-commerce payment processing system and became a CIRA certified Domain Name Registrar all while the Internet was still technically in its infancy for the mass population.

In 2013 Arvic celebrated its 30th Year as a family owned and operated company.

In 2014 the brand new website was launched to make for a better customer experience and easier access to the corporate governance information small businesspeople need.

Company Mission: To provide fast and efficient corporate filing services to lawyers, accountants and small business people in Alberta and throughout Canada in a way that strengthens understanding and takes in account the needs of the individual.

The Arvic Staff:

We have a great mix of Corporate Paralegals, NUANS specialists, Level 3 CORES examiners and Trademarks agents to assist our clients with whatever corporate services they will need.

Arvic Search Services Inc. - Services Showcase:

Corporate Services - Arvic has built our services around building and protecting the best business name. We start by ensuring that all new businesses have a clearly unique and descriptive name. We spend a lot of time letting entrepreneurs know what name rights they have with the different business structures and how best to secure their business name rights whether through incorporation or Trademark Registration.

Domain Name Services - With the introduction of the Internet we saw the need to also secure our client's name rights online through Domain Name registration. We offer a full domain name management service for all of our registrants. We personally call you when your domain name is up for renewal and ensure that your domain name is properly maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Web Hosting Services - To accompany our domain name registration services we entered into Web Hosting services in 2005. We offer affordable local web hosting services to our clients that like to have that personal touch to their service operators. We are not a faceless company and our clients like to know that when they phone our office they will know the person that picks up the telephone.

Kwiksites Instant WebBuilder - we developed an inexpensive way for small businesspeople to launch their Web Presence onto the internet through our template-based instant Kwiksites builder. It is easier to manage than Wordpress or Wix, and it has no extra verification steps and IT hassles like Google. For the average computer and internet user, it is the easiest way to get your business online.

e-Commerce Services - once your business grows and Paypal is no longer a viable solution we have an online credit card processing system that can rival Moneris, Chase Paymentech or Square. Our credit card processing will process any Merchant account that you accept and will merge seamlessly with your online shopping cart and can instantly update your database with the payment details.

Trademark Services - Our Trademark services are broken into three parts. First we have our search services which will help you determine the viability of succeeding with your Trademark registration. Then we have the Application process where we prepare, file and prosecute your Trademark Application during the 12-18 month time period allocated for this process. Then finally, if your Trademark application is approved then we will file the Notice of Allowance to finalize your Trademark Registration.

Arvic Search Services Inc. - Company Achievements:

Bow Valley College (Calgary) - presented CORES to the Corporate Paralegal students

Red Deer College - presented CORES to the Corporate Paralegal students

MNP self Employment program - works with entrepreneurs to build their best business name and how to understand their name rights in Alberta and throughout Canada.

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