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NUANS® Report/Name Reservation Report Guide:

Arguably, naming your business is going to be the hardest part of your start-up process. After all, you want it to reflect your business and what you do. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. To ensure that you receive a name that doesn't conflict with another corporation's name or Trade Mark, a NUANS® or Name reservation Report must be completed. It is common for businesses to have to run more than one NUANS® or Name Reservation Report due to names already being taken or too similar.

Please know that Arvic is here to help. We have tools such as the NUANS® pre-screen searches and provide you with our advice in our NUANS® Report Opinion letter to streamline this process for you.

We have also created a video guide series to lead you through starting your business. This NUANS ® guide has been turned into a video... if you prefer that type of medium to the standard article we have supplied right here.

First thing's have a named corporation in Canada, you will need to complete either a NUANS® report or a Name Reservation depending on the jurisdiction you are incorporating/registering in (Visit our Incorporation Guide to find out more about incorporations or registrations).

What Exactly is NUANS®?

NUANS® (Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search) is an intelligent automated name search system operated by Industry Canada that compares proposed corporate and business names to existing corporate bodies and registered Trade Marks in Canada.

Specific jurisdictions in Canada require a NUANS® report prior to incorporating or registering a Trade Name.

All NUANS® Reports must go through a NUANS® provider, such as Arvic. We are trained on the NUANS® system to ensure that you receive a proper NUANS® report, creating less confusion and stress for you.

The report is 6 pages in total: 4 pages are dedicated to presenting possible corporate body conflicts and 2 pages present the Trade Mark conflicts.

NUANS® Report Purpose

The NUANS® Report will reserve your name for 90 days for incorporation or registration. More importantly, it is meant to protect the name rights of corporate bodies already in existence. NOTE: You cannot incorporate a confusingly similar name to one that is already registered (i.e. JS Lighting vs. JS Lights).

In the Arvic Learning Centre we have great articles and videos to help you build the best business name that resonates with you and your business' purpose.

Quick vs Not-So-Quick Name Reservations

At Arvic, we call NUANS® Reports "Quick" and Name Reservations "Not-So-Quick". Why? Simple (and very clever), NUANS® Reports can be returned in as little as 4 hours, while Name Reservations can take up to 15 business days depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

Below is a table of which provinces and jurisdictions belong in which group:

Quick NUANS® Not-So-Quick Name Reservations
Federal British Columbia
Alberta Saskatchewan
Ontario Manitoba
New Brunswick Newfoundland/Labrador
Nova Scotia Northwest Territories
PEI Yukon

Quick NUANS® Report Packages

As NUANS® examiners, we can look over the NUANS® for you to help you decide if your name is register-able or not within your jurisdiction and industry. We offer three different packages for our NUANS® based on the level of service you require.

With NUANS®, the ultimate qualifying decision if your name is register-able is up to you and the accredited user (i.e. Arvic) that will be incorporating you. Therefore, having an expert opinion on your side will make the process much easier for you.

The only exception is with Federal NUANS®. Corporations Canada has the final approval on all Federal names. If you run a NUANS®Report with a poorly constructed name, Corporations Canada will not approve the name and a new name and NUANS® Report will need to be completed.

Three Arvic NUANS® Report Packages

The Basic

If you are a lawyer and are able to accurately review and provide your own opinion on the register-ability of the proposed name, then ordering the Basic NUANS® Report is a great cost effective option for you. Here, Arvic will provide you with a properly structured NUANS® report and you will provide the opinion for your name.

The Deluxe

If you are comfortable with completing the NUANS® pre-screen searches yourself online and would simply like our expert opinion at a discounted price, then this is the best package for you. We will review your NUANS® Report results and outline any of the potential conflicts on your NUANS® Report.

The FullServ

With the FullServ NUANS® service, you will provide us with three proposed corporate names. We will pre-screen them and explain to you which name is the strongest to move forward with to complete the NUANS ®Report on. From there, we complete the NUANS® Report and review the results.

Naming your business can be the most difficult stage of your Incorporation or Registration process. We have designed these packages to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain the name of your choice. These packages are designed to make this stage a little less stressful in guiding you to your corporation's name. Call us to start your NUANS® process today.

Not-So-Quick Name Reservations

With the Not-So-Quick Name Reservations, the jurisdiction has the final decision if they approve the use of your proposed name or not. If your name is denied, then a new name will need to be created and reserved, starting the search process again.

The processing time of the Name Reservation varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some Name Reservations can come back in 3 days, while others can take up to 15 days. For this service, Arvic will let you know the approximated wait-time for your name reservation when we send you your confirmation email. This way, you won't be wondering when you will have your corporation's name and can move forward with other areas in the incorporation process.

B.C. Corporations Please Note: In British Columbia you can pay an additional $100 same-day expedition fee. If you require this expedited process, please call our office start your search ASAP.

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