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Corporate Seal
Corporate Seals
Seals to be ordered:
No seals have been ordered.
Select the type of seal you want:
  • Add your logo for only $21.95
  • Add more text to personalize your Seal (no additional charge)
  • Stay with the trusted Standard Seal $58.00
Seal Detailed Information
About your Seal

Seals have a history that dates back to the Middle Ages as a way to identify, brand and legitimatize corporate documents. Seals have changed a great deal since the days of hot vermillion sealing wax and a ring signet.

Although having a Corporate Seal is not a requirement under today's corporate laws, businesses still have many purposes for their seals.

  • Signing Leases and Deeds for the Corporation

  • Issuing Share Certificates

  • Legitimize business contracts

  • Authorize Payable Invoices

You have a choice of 3 Seal Types

  1. Standard Seal - this is a Mark Maker Standard seal. It will have your business name and the words "Corporate Seal" included on the Embossing insert

  2. Personalized Seal - if you would like more text to include your Corporate Jurisdiction and Incorporation date on your seal, choose to have a Personalized Seal.

  3. Custom Seal - Have a little fun with your seal and insert your corporate logo!
    It's a small price to pay for originality.

We also offer a wide range of rubber stamps.
Please give us a call to discuss other options that may better suit your needs.

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