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How to Incorporate

We have created 4 Incorporation packages below to suit your specific Incorporation needs. We are a full-service Corporate Paralegal firm that can complete your incorporation in any Province or Territory (excluding Quebec).

Incorporation Steps

Step 1. Corporate Name

You can Incorporate a company with a Name or have a number assigned (Numbered Company) as your corporation name. For a Named corporation you are required to have a NUANS or Name Search Reservation Report completed for your proposed business name. You can order your NUANS or Name Reservation report along with your incorporation using the forms below, or you can complete your name search separately, here. NUANS® Search / Name Reservation

2. Select Incorporation Type

You can do a Provincial, Federal, Extra-Provincial, Professional Corporation, or an Independent Contractor corporation. Or you can register a Trade Name (Sole Proprietorship).

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After logging in, Please follow the steps below to submit your Incorporation/Registration.
In Steps to submit your Incorporation or Registration:

1) Select the Business formation type:
You will either select an Incorporation type, OR complete a business Registration from the selections below


2) Select the Jurisdiction
Choose which Jusridiction WILL you be Incorporating/Registering TO:

3) Named or Numbered
Will this be

Have you completed a NUANS or Name Search Reservation?

Business Formation Type Description:    

Select a Service Package and Add-Ons

Select the Products & Services you would like to include with your filing package
You can also Select other Products & Services you would like to include with your filing package


Service Price
  Professional Corp Preparation  
  Goverment Disbursement  
  Extra Provincial Incorporation  
  Extra Provincial Goverment Disbursement  
  Name Reservation Report  
  Name Reservation Government Disbursement  
Certificate Of Good Status  
Certificate Of Good Status Government Disbursement  
Minute Book  
Brass Nameplate  
Corporate Seal  
Registered Office Address(ROA)  
Attorney for Service  
Register Domain Name  
Free 30-Day Kwiksites trial  

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