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Corporate Filing

Canadian Incorporations need to file Corporate Change filings during the course of a year. In order to keep with these common Corporate Governance issues, you can complete the following Corporate Filings:

  • Annual Returns - this is the yearly filing required by most Jurisdictions to be filed on or before the Anniversary date of the Corporation.
  • Corporate Changes - throughout a year a Corporation may need to update Directors, Shareholders or Addresses as these components of the Corporation can often change prior to, or after the Annual Return filing.
  • Name Changes - a Corporation can also opt to change its name; perhaps from a Numbered company to a Named Company. Or perhaps the Corporation is rebranding and needs to change the Corporate Name.
  • Article Amendments - often, the Articles of a Corporation will need to be changed to accommodate a particular issuance of Dividends, or new Share structures.

Choose from the list below which Corporate Filing you would like to file:

1) Corporate Filing Options

2) Enter the Corporate Name
OR Enter the Corporate Access Number
3) Select the Jurisdiction
4) Will you be changing to a numbered name?

Corporate Filing Information:    



Service Price
  Professional Corp Preparation  
  Goverment Disbursement  
  Extra Provincial Incorporation  
  Extra Provincial Goverment Disbursement  
  Name Reservation Report  
  Name Reservation Government Disbursement  
Certificate Of Good Status  
Minute Book  
Brass Nameplate  
Corporate Seal  
Registered Office Address(ROA)  
Attorney for Service  
Register Domain Name  
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