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NUANS® Free Pre-Screen Guide

Please note that this Pre-Screen search is not a substitute for an official NUANS® or Name reservation search report.

Your official NUANS name reservation report will return a detailed 5-6 page report and will contain many names not included in this pre-screen. This Pre-screen is to be used to show you direct conflicts and to give you more insight into how your proposed name is currently used before you spend time and money on an official NUANS® report.

Please read the following "Hints and Tips" to get the best results out of your 3 Free Searches. If you do need additional searches, the system will prompt you for a $10.00 payment to have access to a further 20 searches which you can use at any time in the future. Or you can choose the FullServ NUANS report Package, and our NUANS® specialist will complete the Pre-screens for you personally.

We are proud to be the only company offering this service, and we are even happier to announce that we have significantly discounted all our Online NUANS® report prices by 20 - 50%!

Get the Best Search Results: Please take 2 minutes to read these Instructions

  • Keep it Simple - Only search what you need. - You can eliminate all non-essential words from this pre-screen search. Example: Inc, Ltd, Corp, The, and, &, and all punctuations.
  • Distinctive Element - Search unique distinctive elements first. Search this by itself only if it is very unique. Example of a very unique name: 'Kodak', is very unique because it is a fictitious word and can be searched alone. 'Dynamite', on the other hand, is not as unique because it is a common word that can be found in the dictionary.
  • Descriptive Element - Include your business description. Your name will be much stronger if you do have a business description with your distinctive element, especially when your distinctive element is a common word likely found in the dictionary. Example: Precision Concrete should be searched instead of 'Precision' alone.
  • Use special search functions *- use an * to help search for multiple endings to a word. Example Search: Supp* will search for supplies, suppliers, supplying, etc.
  • Initials - Place spaces between the initials. We do not suggest using initials in your corporate name because they are not unique, however, if you are planning on using initials as your Distinctive Element to your name please place spaces between the initials for search purposes. Example search: J H S Computer consultants.
  • Phonetic Similarities - Search it the way you normally spell it. In corporate registrations there is no difference between "Dynamite" and "Dienamyte". Phonetic similarities are direct conflicts when registering corporate names.
  • 50 or more results are returned? - Try narrowing your search by adding a descriptive element or consider a new proposed name.

Pre-Screen Search
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