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Serving Public Notice

It is now common practice for trademark examiners, lawyers and astute business people to conduct Internet searches as part of any trademark examination process. If you have a web site then they will visit it. Therefore, it is critical that your web site;

  1. Use your registered and unregistered trademarks correctly. In this regard we recommend you read the following;
  2. Use your domain names as unregistered trademarks. In this regard we recommend you read the following;
  3. Commence to display the TM or the ® symbol as described in the above articles.
  4. Immediately commence to "Service Public Notice" that you have adopted and are using your trademark to distinguish your wares and services from those of all others. Public Notice is critical. It not only tells the world that you claim ownership in the specified trademark, design, log or domain name but also states that you have legal representation should anyone attempt to infringe. Therefore, it is critical that you display a notice similar to the one below on your web site.
--- © this web site, and all contents thereof, Copyright 2002 by "MY COMPANY" ---
--- TM "MY TRADEMARK" is a Trademark the property of "MY COMPANY" ---

Questions about our Trademarks should be directed to our Trademark Agents.

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